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Wendy Davis Had a Little Help From Her Friends. Her Republican-friends, that is.

Texas voters elected a majority in both chambers who label themselves as pro-life. When it comes to raw floor votes, pro-lifers clearly have the majority, as evidenced by Sunday’s 95-34 House SB 5 vote and the Senate’s 19-10 vote.  All session, there was a strong, loud faction of those 95+ representatives who repeatedly called for pro-life legislation to be laid before them (including, but not limited to, Reps. Bryan Hughes,  Linda Harper-Brown, Chariman Smithee, Matt Krause, Stephanie Klick, Cindy Burkett, Jodie Laubenberg, Bill Zedler, Jeff Leach, Giovanni Capriglione, Scott Turner, Steve Toth, Rick Miller, etc.) .  So what happened?

Wendy Davis was given the opportunity to kill Senate Bill 5.  Since Sunday, chaos was allowed to run the Texas Capitol.  Texas Democrats were allowed to chub all night Sunday and in the final 1.5 hours of last night’s debate.  The relevant question to ask is why was time on their side?  Despite the fact that Wendy and I differ starkly in what we view as right and wrong, I can only hope that if I ever attempt a filibuster, I’m as eloquent and look half as good as she did at 50 years old.

Did the Dems cause the demise of SB 5? No, Wendy was given an opportunity and seized the chance to stand up for the values she campaigned on.   Now, let’s take a little trip down memory lane and figure out who actually killed Senate Bill 5….

A Republican-majority in both chambers has been here since January.  The measures of Senate Bill 5 were filed in March, but language had been substantially discussed with members before the Legislature ever gaveled in. The Preborn Pain bill (HB 2364) sat in the House State Affairs committee for nearly two months.  The 30-mile bill (HB 2816) hung out in the House Calendars Committee for about two weeks, despite the creeping deadline of when House bills could be heard on the House floor.  After passing favorably out of committee in April, the ambulatory surgical bill (SB 1198) never quite managed to make it to the Senate’s Intent Calendar.

Those in charge had to be demanded by the Governor to allow pro-life legislation onto the chambers’ respective floors.

Conversations in the marble halls during regular session went a little something like this: “Well, pro-life issues are important, and I’m a solid vote on the floor, but we’ve got other important issues to deal with first, like transportation.” Well guys, congratulations, you got neither done.   I sure hope to see you all in July.

Pro-Lifers have done well in the past two elections in electing members who are compassionate about the LIFE issue.  But they’re still newbies.  These classes can only do as much as leadership allows them to do. As the good guys and gals are re-elected, the more influence the solid ones can garner. In the meantime, we need to diligently continue recruiting and voting in candidates who show up and work towards a culture of life in the Pink Dome, not those who merely vote for such a measure if one happens to come across their desk.   The abortion-on-demand Dems do.  Well, except the “show up” part- you can never be entirely sure on that one.


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Guest Post: Women’s Healthcare

By: Jen Rumpf

What makes a good doctor? What are the ends of medicine? What constitutes healthcare?

These were the questions, among many others, that I pondered last week during a seminar on medical ethics held at Princeton University.  What are seemingly scary, multifaceted questions at first, those answers are exactly what is at the heart of many great physicians. 

 Health is not simply the absence of disease, but it is the well-working of the whole human being.  Flowing naturally from this basic assumption, a doctor is then not meant to just attend to a set of symptoms, but to evaluate each patient in order to identify deficiencies and weigh the risks and benefits of correcting such deficiencies in light of the patient’s life.

 Doctors don’t go through years upon years of training to be healthcare “providers” to just give statistics and likely outcomes. That would be selling doctors short. Think of us more as “professionals,” rather than “providers,” in the sense that we are dedicating our lives and who we are to being a physician. We offer much more through our understanding and experience.  If a doctor truly cares about her patient, she will use knowledge and experience in discussing the patient’s circumstances and recommend the best options, while ensuring that the patient fully understands the options on the table.

All these ideas pulse through the veins of a good physician.  This is the kind of doctor I have long aspired to be.  My love for Obstetrics and Gynecology has grown over the years as I have experienced other physicians interacting with patients.  In understanding the devastation that abortion has caused women, families, and the unborn, I will work diligently to make abortion unwantable.  I hope to serve the likely candidates that would walk into Planned Parenthood. Instead of an act that destroys at least one life, I will show these women:

A compassionate doctor-patient relationship.

Honest interaction.

Life-affirming options.

Abounding but specific resources.

Christ’s love.

 I will show them real women’s healthcare.


Aside from being a dear friend, Jen is a former president of Pro-Life Aggies, active with Texas Right to Life, and is a medical student at Texas A&M College of Medicine.  Oh, and she loves her dog, Betsie. 😉

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Distant Relative a Texas Senator?

Distant Relative a Texas Senator?

In the halls of the Pink Dome, you can find pictures of each class of the Texas Legislature. Additionally, there is a tradition of including grandchildren in the collage. I’m not sure what the catalyst was for this tradition, but maybe someone can enlighten the rest of us?! Only a few generations ago was our family name changed from “Qu” to “Ke.” Emily Horne stumbled upon this picture of a Senator’s grandson, circa 1901. Perhaps he’s a relative of ours! My aunt and I are now on the genealogy journey to find out. Since there was no Senator by the name of Quebedeau, the Senator must be young Arnim’s maternal grandfather. The only information my aunt and I have been able to find so far is that Arnim’s parents were named Walter and Emma Quebedeaux. Emma Quebedeaux. How cool is that? For that reason alone, I hope we’re related 😀

Apparently, the compiler of the 1901 class’s collage misspelled Arnim’s last name. Even a century later, I’m impressed when one of my friends can spell our last name without asking or turning to Facebook!

Next step: To find out what Emma’s maiden name was!


June 20, 2013 · 9:25 am

By 20-10 vote, ProLife SB 5 Clears Senate, but w/o PreBorn Pain

After many hours of debate, SB 5 passed the Senate by a 20-10 vote.  The 20 yes-votes included the long-serving (he’s been in the Texas Legislature since before I was even born!) Democratic Senator from Brownsville, Eddie Lucio, Jr.   Senator Lucio’s conviction that while abortion remains legal in our country, women should have the safest procedures possible and that the unborn deserve a voice, is admirable. 

Unfortunately, the Preborn Pain section was taken out of the Senate floor substitute.  Everyone expects the provision to be put back into the bill on the House side.  But will the revised House bill survive a final vote of the Senate? Pretty confident that our awesome Texas Right to Life Legislative Team and a couple key elected officials can make that happen!  Especially Emily Horne 😉

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Major Pro-Life Bill on Texas Senate Floor Today

The major Pro-life bill of the session, Senate Bill 5, will be debated on the Senate floor today.

You can watch live streaming of the action here:

Just click on the Real Player icon under the “Senate Chamber” box.  The fun begins at 11 a.m.

Remember, SB 5 contains PreBorn Pain, admitting privileges at a nearby hospital for abortion docs, regulating abortion clinics under ambulatory surgical centers standards, and requires doctors to provide a follow-up appt. w/in 14 days to patients who take the abortion pill (RU-486) to ensure no complications are present.

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Addressing Criticisms of Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarships

Often, pro-lifers are accused of “not caring” what happens to the baby or mom after she gives birth.  While this has always been a cruel misconception, Texas college students have begun to face such criticism head on.  Spearheaded by campus pro-life groups, scholarships for pregnant and parenting students have sprung up on various Texas universities.  These passionate students organize fundraisers, solicit donations, and comb through applications to help young moms continue pursuing their dream of a degree.

By providing a monetary award to single parents, questions have arisen including, “Aren’t you rewarding or encouraging premarital sex?”   Due to premarital pregnancy being portrayed on MTV shows such as “16 and Pregnant,” such a concern is reasonable.  However, consider that caring pro-life students work extremely hard to award $500-$1000 scholarships a couple of times during an academic year to students in need.  The scholarships are not an incentive, but rather just enough to let single parents know there are people who care about them and their future.

 While the scholarship money may not seem substantial, the support the young parents receive is beyond measure.  For example, take Sarah,* a sophomore in college trying to balance her infinite new number of roles as mom to her 5 month old daughter.  Sarah has been pleading with God to give her a sign as to whether continuing school is “worth it” right now or whether school can wait.  One day, her professor announces that he has applications for a scholarship for students who have children, sponsored by the Pro-Life Aggies club.  Sarah’s sign.  The scholarship may only be for $500, but it’s enough to keep Sarah encouraged in chasing her dream and being a great mom.  Sarah knows that some of her peers recognize her struggles and want to assist.  The feeling of loneliness that can so easily consume a college student who chooses to parent while continuing studies is significantly decreased by the genuine kindness exhibited by the pro-life students. 

Would you like to help young pregnant and parenting moms?  The following Pro-Life groups could use your help:

Pro-Life Aggies – Laura Campos, Pres.                                                

Mail: Pro-Life Aggies                                                                                      

Attn: Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarship                                                               

Student Organization Finance Center                                                                    

Texas A&M University                                                                                                  

125 Koldus Ste. 235  Slot #741                                                                                    

College Station, TX 77843-1236


SFA Lumberjacks for Life – Natalie Mattila, Pres.

Mail: Lumberjacks for Life

c/o Natalie Mattila

1511 HIllview Dr.

Nacogdoches, TX 75964


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Abortion Back on the Legislature’s To-Do List

While internal politics managed to keep the full House from seeing abortion-related bills during the regular legislative session, the issue is back at high-speed.   On Tuesday, Governor Perry added, “Legislation relating to the regulation of abortion procedures, providers, and facilities,” to the Special Session call.  Only the Governor can call the Legislature back after they adjourned Memorial Day sine die, and once back, the Legislature is permitted to work only on those tasks assigned by the Governor.  Beginning with redistricting, the current special session now involves transportation funding, juvenile justice, and abortion.

The vehicles to watch are Senate Bill 5 authored by Senator Glenn Hegar of Katy, and House Bill 60 authored by Rep. Jodie Laubenberg of Parker.  Both bills require abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of where the doctor performs abortions, ensures abortion clinics are up to the standards of other ambulatory surgical centers, guarantees the abortion pill (RU-486) is dispensed according to FDA guidelines, and prohibits abortions at the time when science establishes an unborn child feels pain (at 20 weeks).

During previous committee hearings, medical professionals established that unborn children at 20 weeks, who undergo fetal pain surgery, are routinely anesthetized because of their capacity to feel pain.  The recent horrific trial of Kermit Gosnell , a Pennsylvania doctor found guilty of snipping the necks of infants born alive, and the developing story of Houston’s own “Gosnell,” Dr. Karpen, highlights the need for increased regulation and oversight of abortion clinics.

With all the pro-life issues wrapped up in one nice bill (SB 5/HB 60), this process might be much less tenuous than the battle during regular session.  Will legislators finally cease allowing abortion procedures to operate under a lesser standard of care than other medical procedures?  We shall soon find out.

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