Addressing Criticisms of Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarships

Often, pro-lifers are accused of “not caring” what happens to the baby or mom after she gives birth.  While this has always been a cruel misconception, Texas college students have begun to face such criticism head on.  Spearheaded by campus pro-life groups, scholarships for pregnant and parenting students have sprung up on various Texas universities.  These passionate students organize fundraisers, solicit donations, and comb through applications to help young moms continue pursuing their dream of a degree.

By providing a monetary award to single parents, questions have arisen including, “Aren’t you rewarding or encouraging premarital sex?”   Due to premarital pregnancy being portrayed on MTV shows such as “16 and Pregnant,” such a concern is reasonable.  However, consider that caring pro-life students work extremely hard to award $500-$1000 scholarships a couple of times during an academic year to students in need.  The scholarships are not an incentive, but rather just enough to let single parents know there are people who care about them and their future.

 While the scholarship money may not seem substantial, the support the young parents receive is beyond measure.  For example, take Sarah,* a sophomore in college trying to balance her infinite new number of roles as mom to her 5 month old daughter.  Sarah has been pleading with God to give her a sign as to whether continuing school is “worth it” right now or whether school can wait.  One day, her professor announces that he has applications for a scholarship for students who have children, sponsored by the Pro-Life Aggies club.  Sarah’s sign.  The scholarship may only be for $500, but it’s enough to keep Sarah encouraged in chasing her dream and being a great mom.  Sarah knows that some of her peers recognize her struggles and want to assist.  The feeling of loneliness that can so easily consume a college student who chooses to parent while continuing studies is significantly decreased by the genuine kindness exhibited by the pro-life students. 

Would you like to help young pregnant and parenting moms?  The following Pro-Life groups could use your help:

Pro-Life Aggies – Laura Campos, Pres.                                                

Mail: Pro-Life Aggies                                                                                      

Attn: Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarship                                                               

Student Organization Finance Center                                                                    

Texas A&M University                                                                                                  

125 Koldus Ste. 235  Slot #741                                                                                    

College Station, TX 77843-1236


SFA Lumberjacks for Life – Natalie Mattila, Pres.

Mail: Lumberjacks for Life

c/o Natalie Mattila

1511 HIllview Dr.

Nacogdoches, TX 75964



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