By 20-10 vote, ProLife SB 5 Clears Senate, but w/o PreBorn Pain

After many hours of debate, SB 5 passed the Senate by a 20-10 vote.  The 20 yes-votes included the long-serving (he’s been in the Texas Legislature since before I was even born!) Democratic Senator from Brownsville, Eddie Lucio, Jr.   Senator Lucio’s conviction that while abortion remains legal in our country, women should have the safest procedures possible and that the unborn deserve a voice, is admirable. 

Unfortunately, the Preborn Pain section was taken out of the Senate floor substitute.  Everyone expects the provision to be put back into the bill on the House side.  But will the revised House bill survive a final vote of the Senate? Pretty confident that our awesome Texas Right to Life Legislative Team and a couple key elected officials can make that happen!  Especially Emily Horne 😉


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