Guest Post: Women’s Healthcare

By: Jen Rumpf

What makes a good doctor? What are the ends of medicine? What constitutes healthcare?

These were the questions, among many others, that I pondered last week during a seminar on medical ethics held at Princeton University.  What are seemingly scary, multifaceted questions at first, those answers are exactly what is at the heart of many great physicians. 

 Health is not simply the absence of disease, but it is the well-working of the whole human being.  Flowing naturally from this basic assumption, a doctor is then not meant to just attend to a set of symptoms, but to evaluate each patient in order to identify deficiencies and weigh the risks and benefits of correcting such deficiencies in light of the patient’s life.

 Doctors don’t go through years upon years of training to be healthcare “providers” to just give statistics and likely outcomes. That would be selling doctors short. Think of us more as “professionals,” rather than “providers,” in the sense that we are dedicating our lives and who we are to being a physician. We offer much more through our understanding and experience.  If a doctor truly cares about her patient, she will use knowledge and experience in discussing the patient’s circumstances and recommend the best options, while ensuring that the patient fully understands the options on the table.

All these ideas pulse through the veins of a good physician.  This is the kind of doctor I have long aspired to be.  My love for Obstetrics and Gynecology has grown over the years as I have experienced other physicians interacting with patients.  In understanding the devastation that abortion has caused women, families, and the unborn, I will work diligently to make abortion unwantable.  I hope to serve the likely candidates that would walk into Planned Parenthood. Instead of an act that destroys at least one life, I will show these women:

A compassionate doctor-patient relationship.

Honest interaction.

Life-affirming options.

Abounding but specific resources.

Christ’s love.

 I will show them real women’s healthcare.


Aside from being a dear friend, Jen is a former president of Pro-Life Aggies, active with Texas Right to Life, and is a medical student at Texas A&M College of Medicine.  Oh, and she loves her dog, Betsie. 😉


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