#stand4life: 5 Interesting Facts re: HB 2/SB 1

This morning, the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services begins [again] debating Senate Bill 1/House Bill 2 (formerly #sb5).  The full House is expected to vote on the measure sometime on Tuesday.  Here are a few quick facts relevant to discussions seen online and at the Capitol:

  1. Without being currently tied up in litigation, at least 21 states require abortion doctors or abortion facilities to have some sort of connection to a local hospital, be it a similar “30-mile” rule, a transfer agreement, or credentials linked to another physician who does have admitting privileges.  (Source: Guttmacher Institute and my legal research)
  2. 28 states require abortion clinics to meet standards akin to ambulatory surgical centers. (Source: Guttmacher Institute)
  3. Repeatedly, the largest age group obtaining abortions in Texas are women 20-24 years old. (Source: DSHS Vital Statistics)
  4.  In 2011, 96 reported Liberty County residents obtained abortions; 98 reported Nacogdoches County residents obtained abortions.  By contrast, Harris County reported 17,633 abortions obtained by their residents. The state’s reporting requirements do not breakdown the length of pregnancy by county, therefore we do not know how many of the 96/98/17,633 numbers were at 20 weeks or more.    (Source: DSHS Vital Statistics)
  5. 57% of Texans claim to support the “fetal pain” ban at 20 weeks of pregnancy.  62% support a ban based on the argument that preborn babies at 20 weeks can feel pain. (Source: University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll)

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