The Journey to My Pro-Life Beliefs

When talking about this blog recently, Hannah suggested people would like to know why I turned out to believe abortion is not the answer to an unplanned pregnancy.  Her suggestion started me thinking that many people know me as having a strong conviction for LIFE, but I’ve never really told “my” story.  We frequently hear the pro-life stories of many activists, so here’s mine.

As I am from a small Texas town, this story will be told in the vaguest of vague terms.  It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I really heard of abortion being an issue.  Sure, my parents had my sister and I in a church pew almost every Sunday, but sadly, never had I heard even a topic close to abortion come from the pulpit.  My family didn’t talk about abortion at home.  As far as I knew, everyone whom I had known to be pregnant, had a baby.  Heck, with the help of my mom, I threw my first baby shower for a friend when we were 15 (the friend is married and has two children now, I believe).  Of course, at the time, if someone didn’t have a baby, I just didn’t know they were pregnant to begin with.

I can’t recall how the conversation came up.  All I remember is one day, while waiting for an after-school extracurricular activity to begin, a classmate proceeded to inform me that by the time we were seniors, she had had three abortions at our local hospital.  Not knowing what else to say, I asked, “What was it [the procedure] like?”  Her response: “Like a vacuum sucking out your insides.”

Obviously disturbed by the previous conversation, I started to Google search “abortion” on the school library’s computer. (Sidenote: looking back, no idea why such a search was not blocked from access by the school.).  I learned what the Bible says about abortion from a Google search.  I saw pictures of aborted babies.  I read testimonies of young girls who felt like they couldn’t go to college AND have a baby.  That last part really struck a chord with me.  I knew young moms who were going to school with children. I thought, “If my friends can do it, so can these girls.” Additionally, I thought, “Dads go to school. Why can’t moms?”  Such a disparity seemed to be the epitome of gender discrimination and an example of women realistically still not having the same opportunities as men.  But I also recognized that the tiny baby growing inside his mother’s womb had no part in the way or circumstances in which he was conceived.  Right then and there, in my school library, I resolved to help young moms achieve their educational goals not at the expense of their baby’s life.

I immediately reached out to a campus minister at the college I was planning to attend the next fall.  Never having met this man, I took a leap of faith and emailed him telling him how I felt a mission at college to help young moms finish school.  The minister put me in touch with the local pregnancy resource center, Heartbeat, who in turn introduced me to Texas Right to Life, and the rest is history.  A Google search and an email led to Lumberjacks for Life, the Parenting and Pregnant Student Scholarship Program, and the Texas Capitol.

And that friends, is my Pro-Life story.


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