The Impact of Charlee Jean

While attempting to run in between the rain and this *slightly* cooler Texas heat, Aaron Watson’s “Zero to Sixty” started playing on my IPod.  (Aaron Watson is a Texas country music artist who loves his wife and kids, is pro-life, and most importantly, recently tweeted me and Emily Horne.). “Zero to Sixty” warns a young dad that when he is too busy professionally, he’ll regret neglecting being too busy personally. When talking about spending time with kids, my mind automatically goes to Charlee, the daughter of a friend from college, Abby.

This past weekend was spent in God’s country – also known as East Texas. Abby, Charlee, and I went to the Farmer’s Market, took naps, and swam in the pool. I watched in amazement as Abby fulfills her roles as mom, wife, and friend, while still figuring out how to make training for a CrossFit competition 4-days/week a priority.  A CrossFit competition?! That’s just crazy.

Even as I’m writing this post, law school finals are looming. As I made plans to go see Abby and Charlee last weekend, there was a voice in my head saying, “Well, you really should just stay in Waco and study for finals…..”  But thankfully, I’ve had enough other voices in my life warn against taking time with loved ones for granted.  Time doesn’t stand still just because we have deadlines and demands. Babies walk.  Babies talk. And then they drive away.

I’m ever thankful for Abby and Chase, the Pools, and the rest of the Taylor clan for sharing their little girl with me. Laying in the recliner with Charlee sleeping on my chest was worth not studying Negotiable Instruments for that hour and half. Totally.



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