Bailes & Illegal Immigration: Something doesn’t add up

Early voting in the Republican Primary Runoff Election for House District 18 (Liberty, Walker, and San Jacinto counties) begins next week.  Mail pieces, radio ads, and social media posts for both candidates repeatedly cite stopping illegal immigration as one of their top priorities if sent to Austin.

But one candidate holds the distinction of being endorsed by the Texas Association of Business: Ernest Bailes. 

Let’s talk about the Texas Association of Business.  Sounds innocuous, right?

Texas Association of Business (TAB) has a history of opposing legislative reforms meant to curb illegal immigration.  In fact, CEO Bill Hammond stood on the steps of the Texas Capitol, proclaiming illegal immigrants deserve in-state tuition more so than the rest of our kids.   Not just that in-state tuition is good for any one within our borders, but one step further — illegal immigrants are more entitled to in-state tuition than the rest of us.  You can watch the video here:

Yet just last week on KSHN 99.9, Ernest Bailes  stated he opposes illegal immigration and opposes rewarding those who enter our great state by not following the rules.

It’s one thing to disagree on one or two minor issues and still earn a group’s support as  a candidate.  But TAB’s vocal and repeated opposition in the Texas Legislature to conservative stances on illegal immigration is surprisingly at odds with Bailes’ purported promises to voters.

Regardless of whether one believes in-state tuition is a good idea in these situations, the comparison speaks to a far more important issue: what position does he really hold? Either the voters or TAB are not getting a straight, complete answer from Bailes.

Early Voting begins May 16th – 20th. Election Day is May 24th.


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