I’m just a girl on a journey towards a J.D. and a Texas Bar card.  And a job.  Definitely a job.  In the meantime, I try to remember that I know how to play the piano and make sure I’m spending quality time with the loved ones below.


Mom – Self-Explanatory

Dad – again, self-explanatory

Katherine – the little sister (who is actually quite a bit taller)

Hannah – the best friend.

Justus – the Romantic Sidekick.

Mindi – the adventurous bestie (currently residing in Australia)

Ashten – the  girl who was nice to the new girl freshman year. BFFs ever since.

Chasity – the Partner-in-Crime. (eternally thankful to 5th grade for bringing us together.)

Abby – Mom of Charlee, the cutest little girl you’ll ever see. Forever keeping my wardrobe in style.

Emily Horne – thrown together as strangers, quickly grew to be the perfect professional counterparts to one another.

Lindsey & Sam – daily making BLS and living in Waco bearable.


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