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Powerful Gubernatorial Ads to Hit South Texas

In anticipation of the November elections, Texas Right to Life will again launch 60-second English and Spanish language radio ads on south Texas secular and Christian stations, educating listeners about Wendy Davis’ extreme stance on abortion.

Wendy Davis filibustered for abortion on the Senate floor last summer for 11 hours.  The provisions Davis fought included ensuring abortion doctors have access to emergency services should complications or malpractice arise (hospital admitting privileges), requiring the facilities that allow abortion to be adequately prepared in cases of emergencies (ambulatory surgical center upgrades), and stopping most abortions after five months into pregnancy, the point a preborn child can feel pain.

The recent revelations of Davis’ abortion history distort the message of what Davis championed in the Texas Capitol.  Davis’ stance includes not only the so-called “hard cases,” but elective abortion, on-demand, through all nine months of pregnancy. The right to kill is what she advocated as a state senator.

Texas Right to Life’s ads will ensure that listeners are aware of Wendy Davis’ commitment to the abortion agenda–a position contrary to the typically religious views of the citizens of the Valley.  “Politicians and elected officials can no longer enjoy the luxury that their words and deeds in the Capitol stay in the Capitol.  Concerned citizens across the state should know which public officials are working against their values.  We are confident that our truth campaign on Davis’ uncompromising advancement of abortion will be well-received and of grave concern to listeners,” said Elizabeth Graham of Texas Right to Life.

During their original airing, the Texas Right to Life ads proved significant in the Democratic primary.  We are proud of our ads, recorded by a dedicated Spanish-speaking Pro-Lifer who is gravely concerned about the effect Wendy Davis will have on the respect for all Life – those in the womb, the disabled, the sick, and the elderly.

A person who espouses a worldview that the value of one human life is dependent on another’s view cannot be entrusted with protecting the lives of all Texans.

Wendy Davis cannot become our next Governor.

Republished with permission from Texas Right to Life, written by yours truly. 


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This is not the end: One student-mom’s story on her unplanned pregnancy

Nia is a 21-year old Interior Design major at Stephen F. Austin Statue University (SFA) in Nacogdoches, Texas.  Nia is also expecting her first child in July.

Each year, the members of Lumberjacks for Life, SFA’s student-led pro-life group, raise money for awarding scholarships to pregnant and parenting SFA students.  Any parent below the age of 35, enrolled as an undergraduate, and who has primary custody of their child(ren) are eligible to apply.  The good pro-life folks in Nacogdoches attend BBQ fundraisers and donate money to help Lumberjacks for Life provide at least two $500 scholarships annually. I was asked to review this spring semester’s applicants, and after reading through many stories of struggle, faith, and love, I asked one of LFL’s finalists, Nia, if she would mind me re-printing the answers she gave to some of the essay questions.  She agreed. I hope her story will convict my readers’ hearts to find a pregnancy support group for parents who are choosing to finish their undergraduate degree and help them with your time, finances, and prayers.  If you need to locate one, I of course have a few to suggest!

Nia’s story: After the disbelief wore off and I accepted the fact I was really pregnant, I knew in my heart I had to take responsibility for what I took part in creating. I have had many adversities in my life in the past, such as my hearing disability, which I honestly do not consider much of a disability anymore. Still, sometimes as a student I do have to accept my “disability” and make adjustments accordingly. I admit school is not easy for me, but as a junior here at Stephen F. Austin State University, I can tell you that I have never quit and have made it this far. I use my code of ethics for school as merely an example of my personality and will to overcome no matter the circumstance. As a little girl and even as a young woman, I always dreamed of being happily married with a bunch of little ones running around. I never imagined in all my life that I would be pregnant at 21 years old and unmarried. Such a situation, in the beginning, was extremely hard for me to accept. Ultimately, I had disappointed myself but the “can’t quit” part of me forced the realization that this was not the end. Instead it was just a hurdle that I would overcome, like so many others. The ultimate reason I chose life for my baby was because even though I did not plan to be a mother at 21 years old and unmarried, I could not deny a child I created LIFE no matter how difficult things are and may be in the future.


Nia’s advice to a friend in an unplanned pregnancy:  I have found with many young women whom I have encountered that having an abortion emotionally damaged them for life, so take that into serious consideration. There are so many programs that are willing to help mothers and their children you just have to find them, which isn’t very difficult. Often times there are also local support groups willing to help struggling moms. If raising a child is something you feel you cannot do regardless of how much help and support you receive, consider adoption. There are plenty of couples/people who cannot have children and that would love the opportunity to give your child a home and be a parent to them. My third piece of advice would be to look around at others who have had children unplanned and were still successful. Accept that things will not be easy but realize with some determination, you can succeed and be a great parent. The most important thing to realize and remember is that this is not the end of the road.


Words from someone who has been there.


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#stand4life: 5 Interesting Facts re: HB 2/SB 1

This morning, the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services begins [again] debating Senate Bill 1/House Bill 2 (formerly #sb5).  The full House is expected to vote on the measure sometime on Tuesday.  Here are a few quick facts relevant to discussions seen online and at the Capitol:

  1. Without being currently tied up in litigation, at least 21 states require abortion doctors or abortion facilities to have some sort of connection to a local hospital, be it a similar “30-mile” rule, a transfer agreement, or credentials linked to another physician who does have admitting privileges.  (Source: Guttmacher Institute and my legal research)
  2. 28 states require abortion clinics to meet standards akin to ambulatory surgical centers. (Source: Guttmacher Institute)
  3. Repeatedly, the largest age group obtaining abortions in Texas are women 20-24 years old. (Source: DSHS Vital Statistics)
  4.  In 2011, 96 reported Liberty County residents obtained abortions; 98 reported Nacogdoches County residents obtained abortions.  By contrast, Harris County reported 17,633 abortions obtained by their residents. The state’s reporting requirements do not breakdown the length of pregnancy by county, therefore we do not know how many of the 96/98/17,633 numbers were at 20 weeks or more.    (Source: DSHS Vital Statistics)
  5. 57% of Texans claim to support the “fetal pain” ban at 20 weeks of pregnancy.  62% support a ban based on the argument that preborn babies at 20 weeks can feel pain. (Source: University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll)

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#stand4life: Gabe’s Letter

Gabe's Letter

#stand4life #protectboth #txlege

Published with permission from his mom 🙂

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July 1, 2013 · 9:38 am

Wendy Davis Had a Little Help From Her Friends. Her Republican-friends, that is.

Texas voters elected a majority in both chambers who label themselves as pro-life. When it comes to raw floor votes, pro-lifers clearly have the majority, as evidenced by Sunday’s 95-34 House SB 5 vote and the Senate’s 19-10 vote.  All session, there was a strong, loud faction of those 95+ representatives who repeatedly called for pro-life legislation to be laid before them (including, but not limited to, Reps. Bryan Hughes,  Linda Harper-Brown, Chariman Smithee, Matt Krause, Stephanie Klick, Cindy Burkett, Jodie Laubenberg, Bill Zedler, Jeff Leach, Giovanni Capriglione, Scott Turner, Steve Toth, Rick Miller, etc.) .  So what happened?

Wendy Davis was given the opportunity to kill Senate Bill 5.  Since Sunday, chaos was allowed to run the Texas Capitol.  Texas Democrats were allowed to chub all night Sunday and in the final 1.5 hours of last night’s debate.  The relevant question to ask is why was time on their side?  Despite the fact that Wendy and I differ starkly in what we view as right and wrong, I can only hope that if I ever attempt a filibuster, I’m as eloquent and look half as good as she did at 50 years old.

Did the Dems cause the demise of SB 5? No, Wendy was given an opportunity and seized the chance to stand up for the values she campaigned on.   Now, let’s take a little trip down memory lane and figure out who actually killed Senate Bill 5….

A Republican-majority in both chambers has been here since January.  The measures of Senate Bill 5 were filed in March, but language had been substantially discussed with members before the Legislature ever gaveled in. The Preborn Pain bill (HB 2364) sat in the House State Affairs committee for nearly two months.  The 30-mile bill (HB 2816) hung out in the House Calendars Committee for about two weeks, despite the creeping deadline of when House bills could be heard on the House floor.  After passing favorably out of committee in April, the ambulatory surgical bill (SB 1198) never quite managed to make it to the Senate’s Intent Calendar.

Those in charge had to be demanded by the Governor to allow pro-life legislation onto the chambers’ respective floors.

Conversations in the marble halls during regular session went a little something like this: “Well, pro-life issues are important, and I’m a solid vote on the floor, but we’ve got other important issues to deal with first, like transportation.” Well guys, congratulations, you got neither done.   I sure hope to see you all in July.

Pro-Lifers have done well in the past two elections in electing members who are compassionate about the LIFE issue.  But they’re still newbies.  These classes can only do as much as leadership allows them to do. As the good guys and gals are re-elected, the more influence the solid ones can garner. In the meantime, we need to diligently continue recruiting and voting in candidates who show up and work towards a culture of life in the Pink Dome, not those who merely vote for such a measure if one happens to come across their desk.   The abortion-on-demand Dems do.  Well, except the “show up” part- you can never be entirely sure on that one.

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